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How to Hire a Prompter

How to Hire a Prompter The answer is simple… just contact us, it’s our specialty. Call us, or fill out the contact form below! We are a Teleprompter for Hire company. We connect you with prompter equipment and experienced operators. Let’s check both items off your list at the same time. Whatever your project: video production, webcast, meetings or conventions……

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why use a prompter for a live event

Why Use a Prompter for a Live Event?

Why Use a Prompter for a Live Event? The teleprompter is a valuable asset not just for presenters but for meeting planners and content managers, too. Meeting Planners. Scripted presenters finish on time, so your session is more likely to stick to the schedule you worked so hard to establish. Use rehearsals to time presenters’ speeches and keep them aware…

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Live Events Presidential Prompter

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Events

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Events Here are a few questions we get about Live Event prompting: How do I control the scrolling words? You control the words with your pace: your prompter operator listens as you speak and adjusts the scrolling speed to match. Can I trust the prompter operator to stay with me? W e l l ….

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Why use a video prompter - through the lens prompter

Why Use a Video Prompter?

Why Use a Video Prompter? You may be great speaking to a live audience but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a strong presence on camera. You don’t get the same sort of feedback from the glassy eye of a video camera. When you use a video prompter you’re ultimately helping the viewer focus on your message. A prompter also nearly…

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