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Can Your Prompter Operator Do All This?

Can Your Prompter Operator Do All This?

Whether you’re reading from the prompter or calling the shots out front, Dallas Prompter operators have the experience and skills to match your pace.

  • We’re cued up to the right place at the right time.
  • We pay attention when you’re discussing changes.
  • We’re flexible when you need to change directions.
  • And we’ll make a positive impression on your client.

When you’ve planned a busy day, you can’t afford to waste time on technical problems. That’s another reason our repeat customers keep coming back: we avoid technical pitfalls and help you stay on schedule.

  • We can build a prompter with any camera.
  • Our proprietary software tools help us quickly convert scripts into a more readable prompter format.
  • We’re excellent typists, and we confidently navigate the many options offered by our prompter software. You and your clients will never be tempted to push us aside and try to do it yourselves.
  • And when a problem does arise, it’s usually fixed before anyone notices.

Bring on those busy days with constant changes. We enjoy the challenge.

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