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About Us Dallas Prompter Using Confidence Monitors

We provide teleprompting equipment and services for live events and video production. Our experienced operators deliver, set up the gear, and keep your prompting on track.

Along with great people, we provide the best prompter equipment and software. In the rare case when something fails, we bring lots of spare parts – even a backup laptop, at no extra charge.

The result is an excellent teleprompting experience for you and your customer.

Let us help you with your: Corporate Meetings • Awards Banquets • Sales and Training Videos • C-Staff Corporate Videos • Television Commercials • Live Television • Product Introductions • Political Rallies • More!

Our Founder’s Story

Greg Stephenson remembers:

The original idea wasn’t mine. I had been working at Spindletop Productions, learning the ropes of video production: grip, electrics, audio, and video recording, prompting… and a colleague, Pat Blackard, mentioned in passing that the area needed a dedicated teleprompter service. His idea clicked with me. I knew how to prompt, and there was no competition.

About the same time, I had another lucky break: my great-aunt Nellie decided to hand out her inheritances early, an equal amount for each niece and nephew. Years later I asked her why, and she said, “I just wanted to see what everyone would do with it.” What I did with it was buy a prompter package, print business cards and send out a mailer. Aunt Nellie lived another 20 years and her photo hangs over my desk.

I got a lot of support from my business friends. Mike Hardin kept me busy at his production company, which gave me a basic income. Mark Beasley (now of MPS Studios) was just starting his own business, renting film cameras. He offered me a corner where I could stack my cases – which was a godsend, because I was living in a tiny second-floor apartment.

As I look back on it, I’ve been fortunate. I couldn’t have done it alone. A lot of terrific people have played a role in Dallas Prompter, from contractors to clients to anyone who ever gave me a referral. Thanks to all of you.

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