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We have a large inventory of teleprompter gear for video production. Whether you need a classic through-the-lens prompter, or something more specialized, we have everything you need.

Our professional grade equipment withstands the demands of daily use and travels in custom cases to prevent damage. On the rare occasion when something fails, we bring lots of spare parts – even a backup laptop. To make sure your prompting experience is primo, our well-trained techs complete the picture. We anticipate your needs and avoid pitfalls that could affect your project.

Scroll down for more on our video prompters. If you need a custom package or have a question, let us know. We’re here to help.

On Camera Prompter

Standard On-Camera Prompter - 15"

Our most popular system, this all-purpose teleprompter is the best choice for most shooting situations. Our 15" display can be read comfortably from a distance and accommodates almost every size camera. It's available with a Hi-Bright monitor.
Prompter on a stand

Prompter on a Stand

There’s more than one way to build a prompter without renting a tripod. If your shot is a lock-off or green screen, we can build the teleprompter on a separate stand and place it in front of your camera. And if it’s not a lock-off, and you need to pan or tilt, we can bring a load-bearing tripod.
Off Camera Monitor

Off-Camera Prompter

Built on an adjustable stand, this prompter monitor is useful when you need to fake an interview, or you have actors in a role-play.
iPad Prompter

iPad Prompter - 9.7"

Our wireless and lightweight iPad Prompter comes with hardware that accommodates small professional video cameras. It's available as a complete prompter package with an operator, or you can rent our hardware and "do it yourself" with your own iPad.

If you're thinking of purchasing an iPad prompter, you may want to hire us for a project first, because it's the perfect way to preview the system before you make a financial commitment.

While the iPad Prompter represents convenience and innovation, it has built-in limitations. The 10" screen is small and hard to read from a distance. You can't organize scripts into folders and there's a lack of well-developed prompter apps. Dallas Prompter can help you sidestep these pitfalls. We've developed an iPad workflow that will keep your project moving forward.
High Bright Through the Lens

Sunlight Readable Hi-Bright Prompter - 15", 17" and 19"

For exterior shots, our Hi-Bright prompter monitors are sunlight readable. Available with 15", 17" or 19" displays, they accommodate cameras of all sizes and run on battery power where electricity is not available. If you need a Hi-Bright monitor, please mention it when you place your order.
17" Large On-Camera Prompter

Large On-Camera Prompter - 17" and 19"

When your talent has poor vision or you're shooting long on the lens, you need a larger display. The 17" prompter better accommodates a camera with a massive lens, for example an Alexa with an Optimo lens. Both 17" and 19" prompters are available with a Hi-Bright monitor.
Jib Arm Prompter

Jib Arm Prompter 15" and 8"

You actually don't need a special prompter for a jib arm. We most often use our 15" On-Camera prompter with a jib. If you don't need a "through the lens prompter" we have two monitors we can attach to the jib arm. A large 15" display, or if weight is an issue, we offer a lightweight 8" monitor. If you're shooting exterior, be sure to ask for a Hi-Bright monitor.
Steadicam Prompter

Steadicam Prompter - 9.7"

Steadicam operators don't like teleprompter on their rigs, so when you must combine them, we recommend the iPad prompter. When you're planning this type of project, allow extra time to assemble everything. Lenses, cameras and Steadicams vary widely, and you don't want to waste valuable production time for the lack of a 50 cent item.


The Interrotron is a technique for recording an interview made popular by documentary director Errol Morris. Your subject answers questions directly into the camera, which gives the viewer continuous eye contact.

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