Prompter Tips

Prompter Tips

Tips for Teleprompters

Here are a few tips for presenters. For more, check out our blog and sign up to receive prompter trends, tips and tricks.

TIPS for Video Production

Tips for Video ProductionHave a great script. Craft your message in advance, writing efficiently with better phrases and fewer words. Read it aloud a few times before the shoot. Get rid of words that are hard to say. When you need them, our prompter operators are adept at making script revisions on set.

Don’t ad lib. It’s tough to ad lib on camera. Sometimes you’ll need to repeat what you just said for the next take and you won’t remember how you said it, so it’s easier and more productive to simply follow a good script.

Focus on your delivery. It’s distracting to the viewer when you sound formal or stumble over words. So relax, smile and read from the screen as though you’re talking to a friend. (You know, pretend!)

Ask for Dallas Prompter. Our skilled teleprompter operators and high-end software can make your on-camera experience much easier. We have the tools and time-tested techniques that can make the difference.

TIPS for Live Events:

Tips for Live EventsCraft your message. Work with your writer and trusted advisors to develop a speech that matches your voice and style.

Introduce yourself to your prompter operator. We’re part of your presentation team, and we’d like to meet you.

Rehearse with the prompter. Even if you’re comfortable with a prompter, it’s always a good idea to rehearse before an event. Make sure the latest version of your speech is in the prompter and that you can see the screens. Practice your script and make it sound conversational. Look for feedback from a coach or knowledgeable colleague.

Avoid ad-libbing. The contrast with your prepared text may come off as careless speaking and you risk diluting your message with hesitations and repetition. If you intend to say it, write it, and add it to your prompter copy.

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