Why Use a Prompter for a Live Event?

Why Use a Prompter for a Live Event?

The teleprompter is a valuable asset not just for presenters but for meeting planners and content managers, too.

Meeting Planners. Scripted presenters finish on time, so your session is more likely to stick to the schedule you worked so hard to establish. Use rehearsals to time presenters’ speeches and keep them aware of what follows on the agenda (i.e., what’s going to get screwed up if they run over).

Content Managers. Teleprompter rehearsals help you preview the arc of a meeting across several speakers and to uncover overlapping information in separate presentations. These rehearsals also provide valuable milestones for monitoring everyone’s progress before the event.

Presenters. It’s a memory device and a safety net; it keeps you on track and on time. And now, because you don’t have to worry about remembering what to say, you can put more effort into how you say it, using your tone of voice, pace and emphasis to deliver a more interesting performance.

  • It keeps your head up. You can read from a script without looking down at paper. You’ll look better on stage, on the big screen and in the video recording of your performance.
  • It keeps you accurate. Sensitive topics need to be discussed in appropriate terms; misspeak, and you may distract your audience from the rest of your message.
  • It keeps you on track. You have limited time to convey your message. Write, rehearse and deliver your speech to fit your time limit, and keep the meeting planner happy.
  • It keeps you in synch. PowerPoint and videos are cued to your script. You don’t have to advance a graphic or ask for a video roll, because your production crew can follow your script, and give you what you want, when you want it, without your asking
  • It keeps you up front. There’s no printed-out script to distract the audience. They can’t see the script, they’re never aware you’re reading from it; they’ll never notice even a Presidential Glass, unless you draw attention to it.

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