Live Event Prompting

Live Events

We’ve prompted thousands of live events and shows: from multi-day conventions to one-off award banquets. Our prompter workstation includes primary and backup laptops on an A/B switcher. We typically output an HD-SDI signal. Other signal types are available upon request.

All of our presidential prompters feature high bright monitors with SDI inputs.

Situations can be stressful on show site, and among many skills, our prompter techs have the experience to stay calm. You can read about us here.

When you need a prompter for a live event, consider the options below. If you have questions or need a quote, just ask. We’re here to help.

Prompter Confidence Monitor

Confidence Monitors

For presenters who want to walk the stage and see the prompter from anywhere, we recommend two Confidence Monitors, also known as Downstage Monitors. These are large video screens placed between the presenter and the audience.

For this technique, we provide a teleprompter workstation while your audiovisual vendor provides the monitors.

Tip: If Confidence Monitors are too close to the stage, the audience may notice the presenter looking down. Confidence Monitors work best when they're farther from the stage.
Standard Presidential Prompter with Presenter

Standard Presidential Prompters

If your presenter prefers to speak from a lectern, we recommend Presidential Prompters.

With Presidentials, it's easy for a presenter to make eye contact with the audience and video cameras.

Tip: They're referred to as "Presidential" because presidents and politicians have been using them since 1960s. (You thought presidents memorized State-of-the-Union speeches?)
Motorized Presidential's

Rise & Fall Motorized Presidential Prompters

With our Rise & Fall system, tall presenters don't have to stoop to see the mirrors, and short presenters don't need to stand on a box, because the mirrors are on motorized stands that can be raised or lowered to pre-programmed positions during the session.

The Rise & Fall system is especially popular for corporate awards shows that have multiple presenters. We've done shows with as many as 30. That's a lot of custom settings!

When you don't need the mirrors, they can be lowered outside of most camera shots.

Tip: We recommend the Rise & Fall system any time you have at least five presenters. Chances are that the variation in presenter height will make it worthwhile.
Powerpoint Prompting

PowerPoint Teleprompting

In addition to traditional scrolling text, some presenters prefer static blocks of text in a PowerPoint deck. We can do both during the same show.

Our laptops are equipped with our professional teleprompter software and the latest version of PowerPoint. Our high-resolution distribution system sends an HD-quality image either to Confidence Monitors or to Presidential glass. And yes, we can display PowerPoint on Presidential Prompters!
Presidential Prompter Exterior

Exterior Presidential Prompting

We meet the challenges of prompting in sunlight or in the wind, rain and cold. Our exterior Presidential Prompters feature Hi-Bright monitors and tinted prompter mirrors.
Hanging Screen Prompter

Behind the Audience

This prompter display allows presenters to look at the audience, rather than down at confidence monitors. Sometimes we use extra large video monitors (i.e., 60" monitors). Video projection screens are popular because they allow a larger screen.

As with confidence monitors, your audio visual vendor will supply the projector or monitor, and we'll provide the teleprompter system.

Tip: When the audience looks at the screen, they'll see the scrolling text. Is that a problem? Perhaps, perhaps not. In most cases, the audience will notice, and then tune it out. They know some presentations are scripted.

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