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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Prompting

Here are a few questions we get about video prompting:

What file format do you need for scripts?
We prefer any version of MS-Word. No .pdf files please.

Will the teleprompter work with my small professional video camera?
Yes, we can build the prompter with any size camera.

How does the teleprompter attach to the camera?
We give you two options:

  • If you need to pan or tilt during a prompted shot, we build the prompter on a tripod, and then put the camera on the prompter. The weight of the prompter is on the tripod, not on your camera.
  • If your shot is a “lock off” (no panning or tilting required) we build the prompter on a separate stand, and you still have the “through the lens” effect. For more on this, see Prompter on a Stand

Will my tripod support the weight of the camera & teleprompter?
A small camera paired with a 15” prompter requires a counterbalance, and the total load on the tripod is about 30 lb. We suggest you research the specifications for your tripod. Or give us the specific model number of your tripod, and we’ll find out for you. We can provide a load bearing tripod if needed.

We want our talent to look away from the camera, as if they’re speaking to an interviewer. Can we put the prompter next to the camera?
Yes. We call that “interview style” or off-camera prompting. We’ll place a monitor on a stand next to the camera, so your on-camera talent appears to be looking at an interviewer.

What are the options for an Interrotron?
It depends on the project. Contact us and we’ll explain the options and help you develop a custom Interrotron solution for your project.

Is the prompter readable in a sunny exterior scene ?
Yes. Our Hi-Bright monitors are sunlight readable and work well for interiors, too. They’re available in a variety of displays, and can accommodate cameras of all sizes. If you’re planning to shoot exterior with a prompter, let us know in advance.

My VIP talent is concerned about reading the prompter. How large are the letters?
It depends on the size of the prompter monitor, the distance, and the font. Our 15” prompter usually displays letters at about 1 to 1½ inches in height. For people with vision problems, we recommend either our 17” or 19″ prompter. These are among the largest flat panel on-camera displays available.

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