Can Your Prompter Operator Do All This?

Can Your Prompter Operator Do All This? Whether you’re reading from the prompter or calling the shots out front, Dallas Prompter operators have the experience and skills to match your pace. We’re cued up to the right place at the right time. We pay attention when you’re discussing changes. We’re flexible when you need to change directions. And we’ll make…

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Not just a teleprompter, your teammate

Not just a teleprompter, your teammate When we work for you we consider ourselves part of your team. We’re committed to helping produce your best possible outcome. So when a bit of dialogue isn’t delivered as written, or if something doesn’t seem right, we’re not shy about asking. Each situation is different, of course. If there are five people from…

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Chinese prompting

Prompting in Chinese

Prompting in Chinese A client asked if we could prompt some video projects in Chinese. “I think so…” I said, knowing our high-end prompter software is multilingual. In this case, we applied a bit of ear for detail to get the result we wanted. First, we researched the Chinese font. It wasn’t standard on US versions of Windows XP. (This…

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Not just a teleprompter - your teammate

Walker’s last minute prompter need

Walker’s last minute prompter need Late one evening (about 10pm), a long-time client Walker called to request a prompter for 8am the next morning. We were able to help. And he followed with this email: “A lot of what we were shooting today was people going beyond the call of duty. So along those lines, let me say that I…

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