Why Use a Video Prompter?

Why Use a Video Prompter?

You may be great speaking to a live audience but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a strong presence on camera. You don’t get the same sort of feedback from the glassy eye of a video camera. When you use a video prompter you’re ultimately helping the viewer focus on your message.

A prompter also nearly eliminates the need to ad lib. Most people struggle to ad lib on camera. If they perform a good take – usually after several attempts – they don’t remember what they said, so they can’t repeat it when the director asks for a retake.

And why do directors ask for a second good take? In the trade it’s called a “safety,” recorded just in case there’s a problem with the video clip or a verbal bobble nobody caught.

Our video prompter services are very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of the entire video. And it can help your personal ROI, too: you’ll record more good takes while expending less time and energy.

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