The floor director is counting down to “Action!” for a take with the steadicam prompter.

Dallas Prompter provides quality teleprompting services for video production and live events.

Whether your client is on-stage or on-camera, the most important thing you can do is to make them look good.  We believe it takes all the right ingredients: competent people, dependable technology and seamless teamwork.

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Our hi-bright prompter during an exterior video shoot.
Our iPad prompter.
iPad Prompter
Our rise and fall presidential prompter and a downstage monitor.
Rise & Fall Motorized Presidential Prompters
The video production world is buzzing about the iPad Prompter. We’ll provide one with an operator, or you can do-it-yourself.
No more squinting at washed out teleprompter monitors! With the largest stock of hi-bright prompter displays in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, we make your exterior prompting a breeze.
You’ve got tall and short presenters? No problem! We can remotely adjust our motorized presidential during a session for speakers of differing heights.

Teleprompter Services Recap

We provide you with every facet of teleprompting services. We offer services for Film, Video, Meetings and Conventions (teleprompter, teleprompting software, and public speaking tips). If you’re using a prompter for the first time, or perhaps need some public speaking tips, Dallas Prompter can help.  Or, if you are a presenter wondering why you might want to use a prompter, we explain why for both video and public speaking.  Dallas Prompter also acts as an equipment and sales consultant.  We are not obligated to a single manufacturer, so we can discuss a broad range of product lines for your teleprompter or teleprompting software.


Driving To Serve You

Out of town producers often ask something like "We have a video shoot in Waco Texas. Is that near you?"

Client projects have traveled us all over our region including parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and even Arkansas.  It makes financial sense to drive if the distances aren’t too far.  We can better control costs, and we’re able to bring extra equipment because we’re not managing checked luggage on an airplane.  And if your location is only a few hours away, we’ll have time remaining in the day to get some work done.

Here’s a guide to driving times and distances from our home base in Dallas.  Our nearest neighbor is Fort Worth.  Depending on your location, it’s 30 miles away or we can be there in an hour.  Within 100 miles (about 1.5 hours): Waco, Tyler, and Ardmore Oklahoma.  Within 200 miles (or 3.5 hours behind the wheel):  Austin, Abilene, Bryan / College Station, the northern suburbs of Houston, Shreveport, and Oklahoma City.  250 miles out (or 5 hours): Houston, San Antonio, and Tulsa.  Other locales we’ve traveled to by car include Bentonville AR (357), Midland TX (335), and Roswell NM (500).

We’ll be happy to estimate travel costs for your project.

Video Events