Prompting for Video Production

In a hurry?  Need teleprompting for a project?  Make it easy on yourself!  Give us a call at 214-275-9000 or send us an e-mail.

Why hire Dallas Prompter?
Hi-Bright prompter
iPad prompter 9.7
Steadicam prompter 8”
Jib arm prompter
Standard 15” on-camera prompter
17” & 19” on-camera prompter
Off-camera prompter
Prompter on a Stand
Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Dallas Prompter?

We go the extra mile to give you excellent teleprompter services, and set you free to focus on the rest of your project. 

We bring you …

  • Experienced, career prompter operators who anticipate your needs, prevent problems, and make things happen like magic.
  • Quality equipment and software.  And in the rare case when something fails, we bring lots of spare parts – even back-up laptops.
  • Seamless teamwork.  Whether you hire us for a day or a week, we’ll quickly fit in with your production crew.
  • Enhance your client’s perception of you.  Competent, professional people make you look good.

To schedule a prompter for your next project, get in touch with us.
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Hi-Bright prompter  (15” & 17”)


We ran our 15” hi-bright prompter system on battery power during this exterior video shoot.
15 hi-bright tele prompter
When you need to shoot outside, our Hi-Bright prompter monitors are sunlight readable.  Available with 15” and 17” displays, they accommodate cameras of all sizes.  The hi-bright system runs on battery power when electric service is not available.  Learn more here.
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iPad prompter (9.7”)


Our iPad prompter is available for rent.
iPad Prompter on a Sony EX2

iPad prompter (9.7”)

Our iPad prompter is wireless and lightweight with hardware that accommodates small professional video cameras.  It’s available as a complete prompter package with an operator, or you can rent our hardware, use your own iPad, and “do it yourself.”

The iPad prompter represents an innovation of sorts, but video producers have discovered technical problems – at the worst possible time -- while trying to shoot.

So be careful.  The iPad has built-in limitations.  Its 10” screen is small and difficult to read from a distance, you can’t organize scripts into folders because there’s no filing system, and there’s a lack of well-developed prompter apps.

Dallas Prompter can help you sidestep those pitfalls.  We’ve developed an iPad workflow that will keep your project moving forward.

If you want to purchase an iPad prompter, hire us for a project.  It’s the perfect way to preview the system before you make a financial commitment.

Tip   The iPad prompter works best when you have 1-2 short scripts and your talent is close to the lens.  On the other hand, if you’ve got several lengthy scripts, or you’re expecting a lot of changes, or you want to shoot long on the lens, we recommend a laptop based prompter system.
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Steadicam prompter (8”)


Our 8” steadicam prompter at work.
8" prompter on a steadicam

Steadicam operators don’t like teleprompters on their rigs, so when you must combine them, our lightweight (4 lb.) prompter is a good compromise.  With several mounting configurations, we can build a tele prompter on any version of the Steadicam.
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Jib Arm prompter


Our 15” prompter suspended high in the air.
15" prompter on a jib arm

Truth be told, you don’t need a special prompter for a jib arm.  We’ve often used our 15” on-camera prompter with a jib.  If you’re shooting exterior, be sure to ask for a hi-bright monitor.  See photos of our amazing jib and prompter combinations.
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Standard On-Camera Prompter (15”)


Our 15” prompter on a video shoot.

This all purpose teleprompter is the best choice for most shooting situations.  Our 15” display can be comfortably read from a distance, and accommodates almost every size camera.  It’s available with a hi-bright monitor.
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Large On-Camera Prompter (17” & 19”)


The Red camera with a large Optimo lens works best with a 17” on-camera prompter.
The Red Camera with an Optimo Lens
and prompter

When your talent has poor vision or you’re shooting long on the lens, you’ll need a larger display.  And a larger prompter will better accommodate a camera with a massive lens –  the Red camera with an Optimo lens, for instance.  It’s also available with a hi-bright monitor.
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Off-camera prompter


15” off-camera prompter monitor on an adjustable stand.

Built on an adjustable stand, it’s useful when you need to fake an interview, or you have actors in a role play.
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The Interrotron (sometimes spelled Interatron) is a technique for recording an interview with an on-camera prompter (made popular by documentary director Errol Morris).  The result: your subject answers questions directly into the camera, giving continuous eye contact to the viewer.  Prior to this innovation, the subject typically looked away. 
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Prompter on a Stand


If you shot is static, we don’t have to build the prompter on a tripod.  And this will save you a rental fee if your tripod won’t support a teleprompter.
Prompter on a separate stand with
the Canon D5

There’s more than one way to build a prompter, without renting a tripod.
If your shot is a lock-off or green screen, we can build the tele prompter on a separate stand and place it in front of your camera. 
And if it’s not a lock-off, and you need to pan or tilt, we can bring a load-bearing tripod. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What file format do you need for scripts?

While we prefer any version of MSWord, we can open almost anything.  No *.pdf’s please.

Will the teleprompter work with my small professional video camera?

Yes, we can build the prompter with any size camera.  The real question is, will your tripod support the weigh of your camera and our prompter?  You might need a different tripod.  For more, see the next question.

Will my tripod support the weight of the camera & teleprompter?

With the popularity of small professional video cameras, your customary tripod may not be strong enough to handle the combined weight of camera and prompter.  A small camera paired with a 15” prompter requires a counterbalance, and the total load on your tripod would be 30 lbs.  For other options, see Prompter on a Stand to Build a Prompter.

We want our talent to look away from the camera, as if they're speaking to an interviewer.  Can we put the prompter next to the camera?

Yes.  We call that “interview style” or off-camera prompting.  We’ll place a monitor on a stand next to the camera, where an interviewer might stand.  See Off Camera Prompting.

What are the options for an Interrotron?

Call us and we’ll walk you through it. 

Will the teleprompter work in sunlit exterior shots?

Yes.  Our selection of hi-bright monitors are sunlight readable, and work well for interiors, too.  The hi-bright is available with a 15” or 17” displays, and accommodates cameras of all sizes.  For more information, visit our hi-bright page.[link]

My VIP talent is concerned about seeing the prompter. How large are the letters?

Letters are usually about 1 to 1½ inches in height. For people with vision problems, we recommend either our 17” or 19" prompter.  These are among the largest flat panel on-camera displays available.

How does the teleprompter attach to the camera?

We build the prompter on a tripod, and then put the camera on the prompter.  This means the weight of the prompter is on your tripod, not on your camera. 
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