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Seasoned Professionals
Dependable technology
Seamless Teamwork
Our Founder’s Story (and early company history)
Changing technology

Dallas Prompter is a leading provider of teleprompting services for video production and live events.  With over 25 years experience, we’ve worked in every possible environment, with both simple and complex prompter systems.

Our clients have traveled us across the country and around the world in support of their projects – we’ve even prompted an event on a cruise through international waters.

We’ve supported a broad range of projects including:

  • C-staff corporate videos
  • Sales and training videos
  • Live television production
  • Television commercials
  • Corporate meetings
  • Awards banquets
  • Automobile introductions
  • Pharmaceutical meetings
  • Political rallies
  • and more!

If it can be prompted, we’ve done it.
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Seasoned Professionals

Whether you’re reading from the prompter, or calling the shots out front, our operators have the experience and skills to match your pace.

  • We’re cued up to the right place at the right time.
  • We pay attention when you’re discussing changes.
  • We’re flexible when you need to change direction.
  • And we’ll make a positive impression on your client.

When you’ve planned a busy day, you can’t afford to waste your time on technical problems.  That’s another reason our repeat customers keep coming back: we avoid technical pitfalls and help you stay on schedule. 

  • We can mount a prompter on any camera.
  • We convert scripts into a more readable prompter format with our proprietary software tools.
  • We’re excellent typists, and we confidently navigate the many options offered by our prompter software.  You (and your clients) are never even tempted to push us aside and try to do it yourselves.
  • And when a problem does arise, it’s usually fixed before anyone notices.

Bring on those busy days with constant changes.  We enjoy the challenge.
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Dependable technology

We have a large inventory of standard and specialty prompter equipment, including:

  • Steadicam & Jib Arm prompters
  • High Bright monitors readable in full sunlight
  • High Resolution monitors
  • Rise & Fall presidentials for live events

And just in case, we provide back-up equipment on every job – including a back-up laptop master.

For a full list of equipment and descriptions, see events and video.
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Seamless Teamwork

We cooperate and work well with everyone on your team – even if we’ve just met.  Every project brings us together with new people and different work styles, and we’ve learned to adapt.

It’s fun to be part of a successful temporary team.  We’re helping you advance your project, collaborating with other professionals – and impressing your clients.  They do notice, and they’ll often ask “Do you guys work together all the time?”

And the back-office team at Dallas Prompter is essential, too.  (You don’t see it, but you’d know if it was missing.)  We keep detailed notes as the pre-planning for your job evolves, so when it’s time for our prompter tech to step in, they have everything they need, equipment and information, to carry your job successfully.
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Our Founder’s Story (and early company history)

“The original idea wasn’t mine,” Greg Stephenson remembers, “I had been working at Spindletop Productions, learning the ropes of video production: grip, electrics, audio and video recording, prompting—and a colleague, Pat Blackard, mentioned in passing that the area needed a dedicated teleprompt service.  His idea clicked with me.  I knew how to prompt, and there was no competition.

“About the same time, I had another lucky break: my great-aunt Nellie decided to hand out her inheritances early – an equal amount for each niece and nephew.  Years later I asked her why, and she said, ‘I just wanted to see what everyone would do with it.’  What I did with it was buy a prompter package, print business cards, and send out a mailer. Aunt Nellie lived another 20 years and her photo hangs over my desk.

“I got a lot of support from my business friends. Mike Hardin kept me busy at his production company, which gave me a basic income.  Mark Beasley (now of MPS Studios) was just starting his own business, renting film cameras.  He offered me a corner where I could stack my cases – which was a godsend, because I was living in a tiny second-floor apartment.”

“As I look back on it, I’ve been fortunate.  I couldn’t have done it alone.  A lot of terrific people have played a role in Dallas Prompter, from contractors to clients to anyone who ever gave me a referral.  Thanks to all of you.”
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Changing technology

Our first prompter system was a mechanical device that pulled a roll of typescript past a black & white video camera and pushed the signal to a massive, 17-inch 50-pound camera-mounted CRT monitor.   

Just two years later the first “computerized” prompters hit the market, and we chose a system based on a cutting-edge Atari130XE with an 8-bit processor running 1.79 MHz, double RAM (128Kb), and a 354Kb floppy drive! The display drove the same CRT monitors at 320x192 pixels, monochrome with upper- and (gasp!) lower-case ASCII characters.

Today, it’s a completely different story.  Our laptops run a thousand times faster with a million times more storage.  Our prompter software, Telescript Pro, is in its fourth generation.  We use proprietary software tools and the latest version of MS Office (and we’re comfortable with Google Docs, too). Our monitors are multi-megapixel-resolution, flat-panel, high-bright, sunlight-readable (we haven’t used a CRT monitor since 1999) and display any character in any font and color and at any scale you like.
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